Slut Wife Sammi Takes Public Cumshots & Creampies In Tampa Porn Theater

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Sean 3 years ago
First time I took my wife to adult theater she didn't want to leave
A.F. Captain 2 years ago
My wife and I use to swing with group called "key club" when i was active duty. One weekend she was pulled by dude named "log" she went to his house in duplex we heard serious moaning and screaming the first night. Cum to find out it was my wife she said he ripped her asshole apart and she loved it. We got out of club but still had sex with log and his wife until today 5 yrs later.
Stephanie 10 years ago
Me hubby and I go to porn theaters like this and I suck and fuck and take as many loads as I can, then my hubby takes me home and cleans me up!
annoyed 10 years ago
Anny 7 years ago
mmm yes Id love to do it someday
2 weeks ago
That girl knows how to suck a dick.
Gauge 2 years ago
Omg! Love those tits. Nasty slut. Like the random tweeker I met out front one night. Stroke her tits & put a rubber on to get sucked. Let her breath on it & stroke the cum into her mouth from a distance. Didn't even get her number. Just met, got deep throat, rubbed my dick & her tits, fed cum, said thanks & bye
smalldick cuck boyfriend 10 years ago
mmm she acts just like my gf in a theater...i luv2
get down on her nasty pussy lick all that cum up
steve 10 years ago
that dudes packin a 1 inch penis