jenifer lopez sextape

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Sla 6 years ago
That not her but it her clone
Hey 2 years ago
At least she's worth 0 million & made money off herself.
These dumb, white bimbos are out here giving their flabby pussies to all them black boys for free! Every other day my boys show me videos they make running trains on them nasty college white cunts!
Gennifur lowpezz 2 years ago
Dis me nigga tf
Anonymous 8 years ago
I think this is fake! Where is the real footage of Jennifer Lopez having sex since it has been said that she made a sextape with her ex-husband years ago? What a joke!!!
bnourou 2 years ago
Nice sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy very
bid dick 7 years ago
thats not her
malke 6 years ago
jeni you dont have that i changing on to you beafore
Anallver 8 years ago
She needs sum sodomy
Wtf 2 years ago
How the fuck I ended up here?????
Fake 1 year ago
This is photoshop you can tell that the head on the chick was edited on there. On the second video the head's skin tone does not even match the body.