Quick Fuck in the Kitchen

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jonny 10 years ago
He just walks behind and starts to fuck her. ALPHA AS FUCK
bleh 11 years ago
it was better before she put her leg up on the counter
lmao 12 years ago
this is what every couple does! My bf always does this to me when Im cooking dinner!
rickntera 11 years ago
while my wife was in shower i walked up to tera s. who was in kitchen doing dishes. i walked up behind her and started rubbing her tits then worked my hand into her shorts. we had a quickie just like vid. this vid was as if we made it together
jimmydeangrande 12 years ago
awesome chick!! The guy took care of that during a commercial, ha ha!
Billy 8 years ago
This is not cool
Dontella Morgans 6 years ago
Hey, my # is ~~~~~~KKB
Adrian 8 years ago
Learnt somethin new might try it wiv my gf :]
Okay 3 years ago
She is obviously faking every minute. What a dead fish.
SeMaJcC 11 years ago
ooh what she makin? :D