oldblackguy takes debbie inside the adult theater

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Michael 2 years ago
I've met an older lady in her early forties that I take to the adult theatre every two or three weeks. I get off seeing what happens. Often a few men play with her and see sucks a few cocks before I take her to the glory hole booths and let men see likes come inside and get sucked off or fucked. Many times I get head from blokes but I always blow fucking her mouth. Once she had about 20 loads dumped all over her neck and tits before I took her back home.
Littledebbie 5 years ago
I love this. So nasty...
Judy 1 year ago
My husband would take me to the porn theaters to watch me get fucked by several men while he jacked off. I always left with several loads inside me
Jacknj4245 3 years ago
As a submissive sissy faggot cock whore my MASTER has taken me to adult bookstores with theaters in them many times once we get in there he steps me down to my thong panties and thigh high stockings and slave collar he tries my hands behind my back and offered me to the other men in there it's hot when a guy is forcing all of his cock down my throat and I can see other men stroking their big hard cocks waiting for there turn to use me
3 years ago
are men that lonely for sex or to be with other men in a pack
Nycslut 1 year ago
I need to contact this guy. He needs to take me to these places.
Katrin271 3 years ago
He may take me there too
3 years ago
very realistic with flashlights as i have seen it happen
Doug 1 year ago
love taking the wife to the porn theater and she sucks all of us off and we stretch her pussy and her ass
Karen 44 hours ago
When we travel in the motorhome and see the signs for the adult stores along the interstate I'll ask hubbie if he wants a show and most of the time he says yes
Will pull in and park and I'll go change into something really easy to get in and out of and no bra or panties I've got a purse with nothing in it but condoms and baby wipes etc. And off we go , inside we either go to the glory holes or the theater room wherever the men are
And usually within minutes I'm sucking & fuckin