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Would never go back 3 years ago
Been there, done that. Worst experience ever
Annoying af 3 years ago
What a squeaky moan.... wouldn’t be able to stand that. Sounds like a mouse. Turned off right away
3 years ago
Ewwwwwww she makes me wanna puke. And I hear she’s pregnant now. Bahahaha full of stds that bitch
3 years ago
3 years ago
Lol, her name is not Jenifer, it’s Betzabeth, but she goes by the name of Yassury. #faker
3 years ago
What a slut hahaha been there and done that and truly regret it. Most annoying moan and fakes it during the whole time. Damn.... makes me regret watching this casting
3 years ago
Girl got knocked up. She has a baby now and she’s like 21-22-23 and isn’t in school. She’s a stripper. Guess you gotta earn money somehow. She fucked up her life. What a slut.
Dtown 3 years ago
Shes a real hoe
Mac 1 year ago
Need more videos with her
David 2 years ago
I Love you Alex