Wanting to go to the movies with friends, Aiden is going to get some money from his . When he finds her trying on clothes and learns she is going to have to take on a new job, he relieves her worries by fucking her.

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3 years ago
this description was written by Shakespeare himself
Dale 3 years ago
I submitted that description to Literotica and won their story contest!
cant beat it now 1 year ago
she sounds like kermit the frog
Rachel 2 years ago
Mom and son is so hot, looking for a mom to join
H.H. 3 years ago
Nice cumshot on Payton! I love that woman!
Dr. Phil 3 years ago
looks like someone's going to the RANCH
AlsoAnonymous 3 years ago
:) I now have an interest in older women. That lady could be my mom any day.
Gillie48 2 years ago
I always presumed that this is what moms are for
3 years ago
with a mother looking as good as that I would let her do anything to me anytime she is sexy lovely tits/pussy cock sucking mouth I would even let her peg me as well if she wanted too she made me cum just watching her perform lucky bloke having a mother like that I am jealous of him
shakespeare jr 1 year ago
who the fuck wrote the description